Edenfield Computer Services, LLC.

Heath Edenfield, Owner

A hobby in my high school years, turned into a side job thru college. From fixing PC's to programing websites, databases and installing security cameras. I have had a passion for tinkering with anything electrical and technological. I take pride in fixing things and fixing it the right way. I understand that computers are needed on a daily basis for many job applications or simple things such as keeping in touch with family and friends. With that in mind, I know your programs, documents and family photos are in disposable. The sigh of relief from customers when I can preserve "those precious moments in life" or the "sleepless hours put into that business summery due by Friday" makes my business more than a job at the end of the day.


In 2009, Edenfield Computer Services began.
Since my college years, I have done many networks (wired and wireless), custom applications, backup applications, hundreds of computer repairs, new computer builds, virus removals, security cameras, websites, databases, etc. I recently began cutting vinyl graphics/decals for signs and vehicles.

In early 2013, I decided to take my hobby to the next step. Edenfield Computer Services, LLC.

ECS - "Your personal IT Department." When it comes to technology, especially the latest and the greatest, it seems to be a full time job keeping up with the "Jones'". Many times, you may ask yourself "Do I need it? Will it benefit my company? Will it be cost effective?". Quite frankly the answer is, No. I understand that money is hard to come by these days, and even though it seems to be a throw away world, fixing what you have may be the best option. However, I do specialize in the newest technology available. So when you find yourself asking, "Should I buy new?" bring it to me. I can analyze the options and give you a cost effective approach in fixing your old or giving you the most cost effective options for purchasing new.

Today, I find myself trying anything new. If you have a project for me, give me a shout. I recently added a bucket truck to my fleet, for them hard to reach locations.

Other things to mention. I host my own online servers at my office. These servers hosts several of my websites I have completed as well as Exchange email solutions. I am currently working to start providing off-site backups for your important documents and pictures. I also have remote help-desk solutions available.2